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20, July 2010  |  Published : Experimentations  | 

This experimentation, led by IRI from Centre Pompidou, wanted to present an up-to-date panorama of the research on the video uses of mobile phones, two weeks after the Web Flash Festival at Centre Pompidou (May ’07).

Homepage of the event (in french) : new video use on mobile phones
Bernard Stiegler’s conference
Community of use (and users) are rising on the Web as well as on mobile phones : they influence each other and condition the future evolutions of industry and research centers.

This workshop tried to show the strengthening ties between collaborative web-based video platforms (as YouTube) and the video use of mobile phones, and how this convergence favorized the apparition of new communities of amateurs with an artistic or a critical dimension, taking technology in unexpected developments.

IRI, at Centre Pompidou, has asked international guests to react on some major emerging themes. For example the research toward more ergonomic interfaces on multimodal mobile devices (combined use of voice, keyboard and video capture), editing tools, mixing and video encoding options on-line and interfaces for the annotation and sharing of videos auto-produced within the dynamics of Web 2.0.

Guests :

  • Isao Ohashi (president of DoCoMo i-mode Europe B.V.), on the position of DoCoMo and i-mode in Japan, the recent development of new types of contents and services.
  • Juha Kaario (head of research at the Nokia research center ) Big Stories On A Small Screen), on the creation of collaborative contents.

Vincent Puig, Xavier Sirven, Thibaut Cavalié, Baptiste Bouillot (Institute for Research and Innovation at Centre Pompidou), Nancy Proctor, Silvia Filipini Fantono (Antenna Audio), on the ongoing experimentation with mobile devices with the RIAM CineLab project and the Victor Erice-Abbas Kiarostami exhibition at Centre Pompidou (sept. 07 – Jan ’08)

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