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IconoLab is a still-image annotation platform that allows annotations to be attached to fragments of the image in the same way that Ligne de Temps‘ annotations are associated with segments of the video. The interest of IconoLab is to help control the quality of tagging in a contributive way using two categories: relevance and reliability. Following a first experiment of semantically assisted image tagging by alignment on DBPedia in JocondeLab, the IconoLab platform is currently being tested:

  1. with communities of contributors associated with the Museum of Saint Dié (old postcards, medals) and the Ingres Museum of Montauban (unpublished plates of the Ingres fund) in the framework of a collaboration with the DMF of the Ministry of Culture.
  2. with a background of spatial images (ESO and Spitzer / NASA) as part of the ANR Episteme project.
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