Traces du Sacré

5, May 2010  |  Published : Experimentations  | 

Around the exhibition « Traces du Sacré » at Centre Pompidou, in close collaboration with its DAEP (Direction of Educative Action and Publics), and in partnership with Antenna Audio, IRI gives to each visitor the possibility to access a collaborative platform where he or she can discuss the exhibition.

To improve and enrich the experience of his visit to « Traces of the Sacred » (« Traces du Sacré ») at Centre Pompidou (May-Agust ’08), a multimedia set up of a new generation was present to access the recordings of the curators and cultural figures, but also to record the visitor’s own observation from his audio-guide or simply his mobile phone. Each visitor could then re-access his commentaries on the website, enrich them with Lignes de temps and choose to publish them on the collaborative website dedicated to the event.
traces_du_sacre_iri_1.png ¬
Credits : Jakob von Narkiewicz-Jodko.

Access the recordings (in french) :

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