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23, October 2019  |  Published : Tools  | 

The editorialization of video recording performed here in addition to the article published by the journal Mediapart on the digital challenges for the university is a prototype of what the Institute of Research and Innovation calls a Video Book.

Separated in chapters, the video book is navigable in various ways: the table of contents gives access to summaries of each chapter which make it possible to get a quick idea of ​​the general purpose. But the graphical and therefore spatial representation of its temporal content under the Lines of Time software also makes it possible to have an overall vision of it, and to navigate directly through the keywords which are below the screen. .

An annotation is possible by anyone viewing the video. IRI is currently working on the development of contributive categorization technologies mentioned in this video, which will soon allow us to put in place collective interpretation and valuation mechanisms through what we call transindividuation technologies.

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