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A Hashcut is both a hypervideo (clickable video) and a Mashup (mix of media).

A Hashcut is a collection of video quotes, put together end-to-end, without altering the original media, and allows everyone to propose a new look, a gateway editorialized on these media.

The Hashcut platform, set up by IRI in the « View, Annotate, Mount » workshops at the Public Information Library, offered workshop participants the opportunity to create Hashcuts from a selection of Documentaries, and view those made by other participants.


The creators of Hashcuts, when editing from one end to the other, are invited to delimit segments of videos and annotate them before assembling them. The metadata generated by this selection process (title, description and keywords of fragments of videos) enrich the source videos, enabling an enrichment and a fine indexing of them.

Finally, all segments created by a Hashcut author are visible to other users of the platform and can be recycled into other mashups.
The accumulation of these choices of pieces, reported and visualized on the chronological frieze of a film, gives a global vision of the parts of the media that the users have deemed interesting.

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