Lignes de Temps

6, May 2010  |  Published : Tools  | 

The Lignes de Temps software takes advantage of the analysis and synthesis possibilities offered by digital media. Inspired by the « timelines » commonly used on digital editing benches, Lignes de Temps offers a graphic representation of a film, revealing from the outset, and in extenso, its cuttings. Lignes de Temps offers in this a new access to the film, substituting for the logic of constrained scrolling that constitutes the experience of any movie viewer, and for the purposes of analysis, the « mapping » of a temporal object. Also, by selecting a segment of a timeline, the user has direct access to the corresponding clip or sequence in the movie, a sequence that can be described and analyzed by textual, audio, video, or documented by images or internet links.


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With Lignes de temps you can analyze, comment and annotate films and any audio/video recordings.

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