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Lignes de Temps

6, May 2010  |  Published : Tools

The Lignes de Temps software takes advantage of the analysis and synthesis possibilities offered by digital media. Inspired by the « timelines » commonly used on digital editing benches, Lignes de Temps offers a graphic representation of a film, revealing from the outset, and in extenso, its cuttings. Lignes de Temps offers in this a new access [...]

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Film-based education

29, March 2010  |  Published : Research

IRI is leading research on the subject of instruments for critic and annotation tools, and these activities correspond in direct line with the pedagogic and cultural policies upheld by French public authorities. These research coincide specifically with the Ministry of National Education’s policy on the teaching of Art history, as it can be found in [...]

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Knowledge and document engineering

25, March 2010  |  Published : Research

In this research axis, IRI wants to stray aside from the dominant anglo-saxon conception where « annotation » tends to refer at every kind of metadata, produced by a machine or by a human being. Here, we would like to set appart the process of indexing ( or brodaly the engineering of knowledge, which also covers the [...]

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