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How and why can we comment a movie with a cellphone when we come out of the theaters with friends, or within the framework of an exhibition on Cinema at the Pompidou Center ?  The question at stake deals with more than the scientifical problems raised by the synchronization with the stream of comments and the stream of the movie. More generally it questions the critical ability and practices, within the confrontation of point of views expressed on movies. The project can find wide applications in Cinema schools and cinema teaching.

It is the extension of the « Lignes de temps » project within the field of cinema critic, educational practices, the use of archives and mobile technologies, CineLab is financed by the ANR (National Agency for Research) and the competitiveness pole Cap Digital until june 2009. It focuses on the annotation of movies and the sharing of annotations through computers, websites and mobile devices. The partners associated to the Pompidou Center are the Forum des Images, the LIRIS lab (CNRS Lyon 1)  and the society Antenna Audio.

  • Annotation functions on PDA developed with Antenna Audio, within the CineLab project;
  • Recording screens for drawings on the audioguide of the Victor Erice-Abbas Kiarostami exhibition.

The goals of the project in 2009 are to experiment on the annotation through smart phones based on video and audio recordings via a web-based app to go beyond the limitations of the cellphones or the audioguide (see the Memoire of Cecilia Jauniau on the collaborative annotation framework developed for the Traces du Sacré exhibition, Paris XIII University).

During this project the Silex team from LIRS lab has defined the annotation model Cinelab.

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