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Innovative solutions in augmented reality on mobiles and tablets for patrimonial and cultural tourism.

The goal of this project is to develop an innovative French solution to « intelligent augmented reality » on mobile phones and tactile tablets (smart AR or smart hyper-reality), to offer visitors and tourists an enriched experience on French soil. These tools will allow a large variety of offers for tourists, to better guide them before, during and after their visit, to teach them, to entertain them, and to share their discoveries in a new way.

The project eTourisme is an important loan project (digitalizing and validating technologies with cultural, scientific and educational content).

The consortium at the origin of this project includes i-Marginal, the CEA-List, PME and start-ups, LTU technologiesDiotaSoftXediX, research partners, i-Matériel.Lab (LivingLab), the Institut de Recherche et d’Innovation (IRI), the EPITA and institutional partners, AtoutFrance, the Centre PompidouLa Cinémathèque FrançaiseIssy MediaVilla Arson.

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