1, February 2017  |  Published : Tools

Tutoriel de RENKAN, un outil d’appropriation… par culture-gouv Renkan (連環, « link » in Japanese) is a tool for creating collaborative heuristics maps. Enabling real-time editing by multiple users, like an Etherpad or a Google Drive document, Renkan is a powerful tool for aggregating, editorializing and linking resources: text, images, videos, web pages. With drag and drop functionality, all web [...]

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31, January 2017  |  Published : Tools

A Hashcut is both a hypervideo (clickable video) and a Mashup (mix of media). A Hashcut is a collection of video quotes, put together end-to-end, without altering the original media, and allows everyone to propose a new look, a gateway editorialized on these media. The Hashcut platform, set up by IRI in the « View, Annotate, Mount » workshops [...]

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Visual Sedimentation js

19, July 2013  |  Published : Tools

Visual Sedimentation is a novel design metaphor for visualizing data streams directly inspired by the physical process of sedimentation. Visualizing data streams (e. g., Tweets, RSS, Emails) is challenging as incoming data arrive at unpredictable rates and have to remain readable. For data streams, clearly expressing chronological order while avoiding clutter, and keeping aging data [...]

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Polemic tweet

6, May 2011  |  Published : Tools

The Web becomes largely audiovisual, in this context how to expose these contents with metadata synchronized to the AV stream? How to bring search engines results onto precise AV segments instead on a global audio or video program? How to share time-based favorites on social networks? This rely partly on the evolution of web standards [...]

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Métadata player

24, September 2010  |  Published : Tools

MétaData player is designed specifically to read and write (next version) time-based metadata related to an Audio/Video stream in a web context. MétaData player allows users and Webmasters to present time-stamped annotation in a flexible online environment. The user interface gives an information layer on the time line and the media, like : chapters, highlighted [...]

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Films annotations

23, June 2010  |  Published : Tools

You will find here the sum of the « timelines » produced on Lignes de Temps during IRI’s workshops on the annotation of movies: You can edit and add content to these annotations by yourself:

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FAQ Lignes de temps

23, June 2010  |  Published : Tools

Introduction : Lignes de temps is a two-part software : the system and the interface -the system part is « invisible » to the user, it enables him to save his work (notes, editing, rough-cut edits) into a file. It runs the codecs through which videos are imported. The video is encoded and thus readable via the interface. The [...]

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Lignes de Temps

6, May 2010  |  Published : Tools

DOWNLOAD Lignes de temps NOW ! With Lignes de temps you can analyze, comment and annotate films and any audio/video recordings. PC : Simple version 1.4.8 (34 Mo) Version 1.4.8 including F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu described and documented (195 Mo) MAC (see the FAQ to know your configuration) : Version 1.4.8 for Intel – OS 10.6 Snow Leopard and 10.7 Lion [...]

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