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27, July 2010  |  Published : Pédagogie, Education à l'image  | 

Some traces of comments and stories collected during experimentations in class during 2009-2010.

In primary schools

  • « With Lignes de temps we see the whole movie, we click on the line and we can see if we are at the beggining, the end or in the middle of the movie »
  • « It’s for this that it’s named Lignes de temps, we can see the sands of time »
  • « On the movie line, there are all the movie frames »

In secondary schools

  • « The main interest of this software is to take a critical position about a movie viewing several frames »
  • « Lignes de temps allowes you to fit shots together, find similarities, cut, and analyze »
  • « With Lignes de temps, we are seeing the movie from a different angle »
  • « We can make research on the movie »

In high school

  • « Working on a software making you able to handle the movie and achieve a project, that was very interesting for me. I have learned to scrutinize more the movie and pay more attention to some details »
  • « It’s interesting that in a movie you could select shots related to a chosen and personal »

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