Lignes de temps : a tool for education to Cinema

20, July 2010  |  Published : Pédagogie, Education à l'image  | 

Lignes de Temps is a preffered tool for education to Cinema. After the projection in a Theater, it is made for

…grabing again a movie, explore its materiality, its meaning

After the projection, the viewer has the opportunity to watch the movie elsewhere than in the Theater and get a much deeper knowledge of it. With Lignes de temps, he can watch and replay the movie on a non linear basis. He can focus on  and compare shots, get the camera movements, check out cuts etc., catch on how and by which processes the movie is made. Precision of the playing feature is opening an endeless realm of significations built up by activities such as cuts, titling and annotations in the software. This new confrontation in Cinema is part of a work which is not only based on artworks’s frequentation, but goes forward.

…building oneself a movie viewer

By considering the viewer as a kind of « explorer », Lignes de temps is a tool stimulating questions. The user is isolating shots and sequences, commenting it, describing, comparing; he is scanning the movie and exploring the effect produced on him.

One student is asking himself about the slow motion of the film, another on the double effect of reality and fiction. Another again is questioning the goal of a movie about wandering. These are possible starting points to explore the movie significations and the way he is received, lived, caught by the viewer.

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