Teaching practices

20, July 2010  |  Published : Pédagogie, Education à l'image  | 

Nowadays, movie productions are more and more often used for educational learning, the workshop Regards signés is opening a debate on the reception practices of works supported by new technologies for Education to Cinema.

« École et cinéma », « Collège au cinéma » and « Lycéens au cinéma » programs surely are real occasions to bring students face to face with movies from cinema heritage. However, this confrontation is not enough to built in their own mind a « critic » attitude towards today’s world. It’s not enough either to set up a long term relationship to Art and Culture.

Tools and teaching situations capable of promoting these attitudes are still to be designed.

This workshop topic is on teaching experiences perfomed in class.

It’s targeting 4 issues :

  • What is the goal of an education to Cinema learning on new technologies ?
  • Which activities using Lignes de temps are capable of contributing to the building of critic attitudes ? Which temporal and spatial organisation, which instructions, which teacher’s and/or mediator’s guidance can we support ?
  • How can we analyse what the students are learning and/or can learn in experienced teaching situations ?
  • Which technical development of the tool can we target for teaching and student practices ?

Teaching practices :

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