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Text annotation based on meta-categories on the Hypothes.is platform

For its flexibility of use, its open source character and its historical links with the group W3C Web annotation, IRI has adopted but also modified the hypothesis annotation platform within the ANR Episteme project and in partnership with the LIRIS of the University of Lyon.

This tool allows:

– to annotate any textual resource of the Web (html pages, blogs, pdf online) by adding to the annotation a metacategory the reconciliation of annotators and the constitution of groups (ex: « interesting », « comment », « trouble ») , « Keywords »), tags-actions (request for expertise, …) or annotation typings (questions, references, …)

– to report this activity in the form of dashboards

– automatic manufacturing from keywords indexes or glossaries

– to build groups thanks to the use of meta-categories, creating a space for debating and deliberating. The working groups will eventually be able to choose their own categorization protocols.

Experiments using the platform developed by IRI: Scenario as part of the Episteme project



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