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New socioeconomic model for Cinema built on the principle of giving and sharing.

AlloCiné wishes to propose the pioneer model based on the logic of gifting, but also on new forms of prescription based on social networks (real networks beyond such « social » tools as Facebook) to construct a platform offering a radically new form of movie offers. AlloCiné, with its million users per month, represents a unique base for experimentation in this field and thus allows us to deepen its status as a prescription pole in the domain of cinema.

The project focuses mainly on socioeconomic issues and, for this reason, is associated with AlloCiné, a social-media leader in the field of European cinema and distribution operator of VoD films from major operators, offering a multidisciplinary pool of highly complementary research:

Digital Life Lab team, from the Telecom Institute, specializes in sociology and the economy of digital medias, and will conduct fundamental research on what underlies the dynamics of gifting, the basis for the project. The results will have a direct impact on the conception or adaptation of the analysis of exchange and recommendation algorithms, and on the general design of the platform.

EOLE Laboratory at HEC-Paris, which focuses on the management of creative industries and new business models for the economy of digital media, will be in charge of models and economic simulations.

Lip6, which studies the engineering of knowledge and, in particular, the analysis and calculation of scores in social and content networks, will conduct research on the analysis underlying exchange and recommendation algorithms.

IRI develops its theoretical research on technologies of figures and amateurs, the ecology of attention and the technologies of contribution. IRI, in close collaboration with NoDesign and AlloCiné, will work on developing the visualization of exchange, personalization and commentary/enrichment interfaces.

NoDesign will produce usage scenarios with the Telecom Institute, as well as proposing designs for systems and platform supports and, more generally, for user material and the social environment.

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