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Métadata player

24, September 2010  |  Published : Tools

MétaData player is designed specifically to read and write (next version) time-based metadata related to an Audio/Video stream in a web context. MétaData player allows users and Webmasters to present time-stamped annotation in a flexible online environment. The user interface gives an information layer on the time line and the media, like : chapters, highlighted [...]

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22, June 2010  |  Published : Projects

CineLab How and why can we comment a movie with a cellphone when we come out of the theaters with friends, or within the framework of an exhibition on Cinema at the Pompidou Center ?  The question at stake deals with more than the scientifical problems raised by the synchronization with the stream of comments and [...]

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16, December 2009  |  Published : Projects

Pourquoi et comment commenter un film à l’aide de son téléphone portable, à la sortie du cinéma avec ses amis ou dans le cadre d’une exposition sur le cinéma au Centre Pompidou? La question pose en fait bien plus que des problèmes scientifiques liés à la synchronisation du flux du commentaire avec le flux du [...]

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