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The issues of nanotechnologies and nanosciences

22, June 2010  |  Published : Seminars, Design of New Industrial World

Abstract 2007 Edition 2008 Edition 2009 Edition An anthropological, cultural and philosophical approach of nanosciences and nanotechnologies Under the direction of X. Guchet (Paris I) and S. Loeve (Paris X). IRI, 2007-2008 Nanotechnologies 2009 on Lignes de Temps The general intentions of this 3-years long seminar are : – to stimulate a resolutely critical approach of nanosciences and nanotechnologies, not in the sense [...]

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6, May 2010  |  Published : Projects

Digitalize, preserve, and enable access to audiovisual archives, notably ethnographical items and recorded interviews, are one of the prime mission of searchers and museums and in the field of Social Sciences. AnthropoNet wants to go even further to enable new forms of publications opened to contribution and participation from the public. The main goal is [...]

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