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Museology, museography

22, June 2010  |  Published : Seminars, Ecologie de l'attention

Abstract 2007 Edition 2007 2008-2009 Edition 2009-2010 Edition 2013-2014 Edition Museology 2007 on Lignes de Temps Museology 2008-2009 on Lignes de Temps Museology 2009-2010 on Lignes de Temps Museology 2010-2011 on Lignes de Temps Museology 2011-2012 on Lignes de Temps Museology 2012-2013 on Lignes de Temps The Ministry of Culture and Communication (Mission on Research and Technology / Delegation to the Development and International [...]

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Ecology of attention

17, March 2010  |  Published : Research

At a time when the cultural and cognitive technologies are converging, the question of attention is set through the theoretical legacy of phenomenology (where « attention » is formed by what Husserl labeled as « retentions » and « protentions »), the most recent research on economics and the discoveries of cognitive sciences. Clinical aspects are considered as well through [...]

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