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Gesture as language

22, June 2010  |  Published : Seminars, Figures de l'amateur

Abstract 2010 Edition Gesture as language Under the direction of Patricia Ribault, doctor in Arts and Sciences of the Arts (University Paris I, Sorbonne). Gesture as langage on Lignes de Temps From the gestures induced by the first tools and flint-stones, described by Leroi-Gourhan, up to the latest tactile screens and haptic technologies of the modern communicating objects, gestures has [...]

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5, May 2010  |  Published : Experimentations

By Vincent Puig, Yves-Marie Haussonne, Thibaut Cavalié, Yves-Marie L’Hour In collaboration with Dominique Sciamma, Ioana Ocnarescu, Huieen Kim, Annabelle Eugenia, Baptiste Lanne, Vanessa Reiser Strate Collège Designers
30, rue Troyon
92310 Sèvres http://www.stratecollege.fr ds@stratecollege.fr Abstract : This short presentation deals with the first IHM project (Human/Machine Interaction) for the gestural annotation of dance video recordings, realized and analyzed by Thierry de [...]

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