Experimental Workshop ENSCI 2011

28, June 2011  |  Published : Workshops  | 

The aim of the studio was to lead design students from Ensci to search for innovative solution for video tagging (simple, quick, new, different…). These researches widened during the studio to other hypermedia devices (audio/text/location). At the time Youtube is first as a search engine, human engineering, user experience and video content enhancing issues are particularly relevant for fresh-made designers.

  • Vitrail by Nicolas Buche & Udi Rimon
    (museum, course, tagging, enhancing)
  • Cobalt by Fabien Gental
    (browsing, aggregation, location, zapping, event organisation)
  • Hors Champ by Fanny Muller
    (search engine, cinema, tagging, semantics)
  • Les Ragotards by Stéphanie Souan
    (local politics, mobility, meetings, location)
  • Tiny Thumb Tom by Elsa Tarrago
    (track, course, tagging, stored data, browsing, browser)

These projects have been implemented and presented from June 18th to 22nd 2011 at the espace Piazza of the Centre Pompidou during the DESIGN METADATA 1 & 2 conferences within the Futur en Seine Festival.

The workshop has been supervised by Elodie Bongrain (Faber Novel) and Mathilde Maître (AF83), designers and former students at Ensci, and also by two project managers from the IRI, Samuel Huron (IRI/AVIZ) and Nicolas Sauret (IRI/ Inflammable Productions). The team has supervised in concrete terms the development and the prototyping of the projects by setting an open innovation methodology in which students have defined themselves their fields of research among a rich ecosystem: semantic web, interconnected multi-devices, web mapping, communication objects, e-democracy… Those fields are designing the outline of tomorrow’s customs.

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