About the faculty of playing

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About the faculty of playing

The seminar deals with the issue of judgement that is in the heart of Iri’s concerns by aiming, in a first time, a precise goal: try to analyze the difference of a judgment out of taste (supposed to be the position of the spectator since the moderns), and judgments that are made by actors during the play.

Aiming that, we suggested to think about texts and uses that wanted to develop the idea of a drama made for who play it: designed not for spectators’ pleasure or benefit, but to produce on actors who play it some effect. For example, the pedagogical drama of the Jesuits, which representation was not impossible, but which actual goal was to contribute to the learning (moral, theological, human) of the amateur actors, in the modern meaning of the word. Other examples: Diderot’s fictions of a play without public, Brecht didactical drama (which representation was sometimes forbidden, just for actors’ exercise), and the exercices of Grotowski and its followers.

In a second time, the seminar tried to use the knowledge gained so as to deal with larger issues related to judgment: concepts, devices, programming, critics uses in order to contribute in the most direct way to the preparation of the symposium of judgment (december 2007).

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