Mobility and motricity: multimodal interfaces in instrumented practices

29, March 2010  |  Published : Research  | 

IRI is in collaboration with schools, academies and scholars trained in the field of cognitive and educational sciences to study the long term impact of those technologies which affect the body itself, our physical relationship to our environment and favor the emergence of new amateur, professional and educational practices.

Motricity is a key-element of our judgement faculty : it is often through repetition and « gesturalization » of a symbolic form that we better apprehend it. The « musical ear » for example is trained within the gestural and ocular activity coordinated by the instrument and the musical score, and similarly the eye of the painter is trained relatively to the actions of the hand as they manipulate and master certain techniques. It is through such « circuits » between our organs that aesthetic objects are formed.

We are aiming at the development of new forms of « address to the public » through dynamic organization within and for example all the mobile devices and contents linked to the exhibitions of the Pompidou Center. Multimodal interfaces (or poly-sensorial with the use of technologies such as detection of eye movement and attention) find their place in this context, along with microtechnologies and microsystems, raising the crucial issue of digital design.

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