Hors Champ (off-camera)

28, June 2011  |  Published : Workshops, Futur en Seine 2011  | 

Hors Champs uses video’s metadata to offer a new way to search for trailers and movie excerpts on the Web. The users can find a movie from various features, share it with their friends and tag the videos to enhance the website’s content.This project will be implemented and presented from June 18th to 22nd 2011 at the espace Piazza during the DESIGN METADATA 1 & 2 conferences within the Futur en Seine Festival.

By observing the websites dedicated to movies today, it is obvious that access to trailers and movie’s excerpts is essentialy possible on recent movies. But in our everyday life, the cinema culture is different: it is built randomly. An article, a meeting, a gossip, a friend’s advice, an actress we love, a film watched by chance… There are a lot of ways to discover or search for a movie.

That’s why Hors Champs offers this particular way to access videos, via a social network. Using various searching filters based on metadata, it enable the user to find a movie from any feature he remembers. He is then able to store it, create an index and share it with his friends. Each person can consult videos, sign in and gain a private space, but also participate in the website’s enhancing. The tool « enhance » has been designed to encourage people to tag videos and share their knowledge. Thus everybody can use any other user’s centers of interest and sensibility to expand its knowledge and the site’s content in all kinds of cultural fields.

Designed and set up during the Studio Expérimental IRI – ENSCI 2011 by :
Fanny Muller

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