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CoBalt is an online video service that takes the shape of a mobile app enabling the user to link his videos to other user’s ones. A gig, a demonstration, a natural disaster, all different points of view will be added on a common timeline thanks to the hashtag dedicated to the event.

This project will be implemented and presented from June 18th to 22nd at the espace Piazza during the DESIGN METADATA 1 & 2 conference within the Futur en Seine Festival.

Where you at the May 29th demonstration? At the e-G8 or at the after organized at the Cantine? Like others, you have filmed the event with your smartphone in order to upload it on social networks…

CoBlat, just between Youtube and Tweeter, hosts different videos and gathers it in a common timeline with a hashtag. YOu can now co-create your set of content and share events you attended with anyone in the world.
The videos you’ve taken with your smartphone record directly the location and the time you’ve taken it. Thus, when you add a video on coBalt, the app suggests you several hashtags related to the event you’ve just filmed. If your videos includes a time information, it will be directly hosted in the right timeline. If there is no hour linked to the video, you will be asked to place your videos manually on the timeline.
Consult videos anywhere, anytime.
The coBalt app has upload tools but also enables the user to see latest events uploaded. Browse on the common feed, choose a timeline and switch from point of view with a mere touch.

Designed and set up during the Studio Expérimental IRI – ENSCI 2011 by :
Fabian Gental

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