DESIGN METADATA 1 – June 18th :: 17h-20h

28, June 2011  |  Published : Futur en Seine 2011  | 

DESIGN METADATA 1 – General public
Saturday, June 18th :: 17h-20h
Past event

This conference coordinated by the Institute for Research and Innovation from the Centre Pompidou has presented the works achieved during two workshops, the first with students from Ensci on the interfaces for metadata production and the second with Strate College and Esilv on the use of no-contact interfaces in the urban framework. Those workshops aimed to accompany in concrete terms the drafting and prototyping of student’s projects while setting up an open innovation methodology in a multidisciplinary context.

Another session took place on June 21st.

Ensci students’ projects:

Projects by Strate College’s and Esilv’s students:

ULTC :: Urban Luminous Tactile Creation (CULT)

  • Designed and created by Alexandre Bastien, Malik Fouque, Jean Raphaël Ouin, Julien Riquel
  • Face Collection
    Designed and created by Geoffrey Graven, Guillaume Jallon, Chloé Payot and Dina Wassif,

Those projects have been supervised by:

Illustration rights : Malik Fouque

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