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28, June 2011  |  Published : Workshops, Futur en Seine 2011  | 

How to ease the access to local democracy? It seemed to me that encourage people to express oneself with video was a priority. The app Les Ragotards has been thought to gather video-messages from local councilors and allows users to leave scuttlebutts (or just rumors) they can share with their friends.

This project has been implemented and presented from June 18th to 22nd 2011 at the espace Piazza during the DESIGN METADATA 1 & 2 conferences within the Futur en Seine Festival.

The app Les Ragotards was born after a thought on access to local politics. Nowadays, neighborhood meetings are organized in order to allow each citizen to participate in the development of the locality and help them to communicate with their representatives. Yet, a great majority of citizens just can’t take part in these meetings. How to ease access to local politics then?

Open the debate through video
This tool is essential. Indeed, video is a tool that allows people to efficiently open a debate. I decided to create Les Ragotards, a smartphone app enabling every user (a ragoteur) to leave rumors and speeches in video and discuss about it whenever he wants.

Between requests to the local representatives and local gossip
Users also can leave video-messages (aka ragots) which come closer to gossip and share it only with selected friends.

Some founding principles

  • Several features are linked to the videos: location, tags, comments, name of the ragoteur.
  • A ragot can include several videos if they have the same tags or location.
  • Every ragoteur can add a ragot on a previous one. A ragot is thus able to grow and become increasingly more popular.
  • A good ragoteur is someone who shares a lot of videos while commenting on the ones he didn’t post.

Designed and set up, during the Studio Expérimental IRI – ENSCI 2011, by : Stephanie Souan

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