Strate College Workshop – ESILV 2011

28, June 2011  |  Published : Workshops, Futur en Seine 2011  | 

The aim of this workshop was to study new paradigms of gestural and sensory interaction in the urban framework. This workshop gathered students in interaction design of the Strate College and students in computer science from the Esilv in order to recreate the whole creation process of a digital device, from designing to prototyping.

Research that had be carried out during the workshop were as much about issues on the use of metadata in town as about issues on gestural devices in an urban context. The ideas that had been highlighted about sharing, searching or gaming with metadata leaded the students to a confrontation with problems such as the « affordance » of the gestural interaction in the city (i.e. how to make visible and obvious for the citizen, how the device works).

  • Project  UTLC Urban Luminous Tactile Creation :
    (mapping, drafting, graffiti, bi-manual, no contact, )
    Designed and created by Alexandre Bastien (Esilv), Malik Fouque (Strate College), Jean Raphaël Ouin (Strate College), Julien Riquel (Strate College)
  • Project Face Collection :
    (urban sharing, mosaic, video portraits, gesture, mimic )
  • Designed and created by Geoffrey Graven (Strate College), Guillaume Jallon (Esilv), Chloé Payot (Strate College) and Dina Wassif (Esilv).

Those projects have been implemented and presented from June 18th to 22nd at the espace Piazza of the Centre Pompidou during the DESIGN METADATA 1 & 2 conferences within the Future en Seine Festival.

The workshop has been supervised by Samuel Huron (IRI /AVIZ ), Gael Chareyron (ESILV) et Marcos Serrano (Strate Collège / WeInteractivePeople).

Futur en Seine

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