Vitrail (Stained glass window)

28, June 2011  |  Published : Workshops, Futur en Seine 2011  | 

Vitrail is an smartphone app that offers a new experience of museum. A museum is not only a passing-by space. It is also a space where people learn, imagine, create and share with other visitors and art amateurs.

This project has been implemented and presented from June 18th to 22nd at the espace Piazza during the DESIGN METADATA 1 & 2 conference within the Futur en Seine Festival.


ViTrail is an app that offers « visit scenarios » to the visitors of the museum.
A « visit scenario » is formed by a course into the exhibit centered around a theme or a soundtrack that presents the artworks and the artist who made it.
This app also allow the spectator to be the director, the producer and the actor of his own movie, and this by taking pictures, short-films, by writing text or recording his voice.
This content, specific to each visitor and to each visit, is automatically edited with the soundtrack of the « visit scenario ». This movie, called a « ViCast » can then be watched on a mobile device or on the website ViTrail. It can be shared with friends and other users of the application.
The visit scenarios are suggested to ViTrail users by a user community that is built around the museum. Each scenario can be rated and shared by the users who followed it during their own visit.

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Designed and set up during the Studio Expérimental IRI – ENSCI 2011 by :
Udi Rimon, Nicolas Buche

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