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Interfaces for annotation and temporal objects manipulation : comparing tools and paradigms in the fields of cinema and music.

November 13 to 15, 2007. At IRCAM (official website of the event)

Organisers :
  • IRI (Institute in Research and Innovation/Centre Pompidou) Vincent Puig, Xavier Sirven, Thibaut Cavalié contact :
  • LIRIS Yannick Prié, Olivier Aubert
  • éESI (école Européenne Supérieure de l’Image) Jean Marie Dallet, Frédéric Curien
  • IRCAM (Music practices analysis and synthetic analysis teams) Nicolas Donin, Samuel Goldszmidt, Geoffroy Peeters
  • GRAME Yann Orlarey

This workshop wants to study specific CHI (human/machine interactions) devoted to the annotation and manipulation of temporal objects, found in the fields of music or cinema. Analyzing in depth different systems will enable to confront the motivations and methodologies which have led toward the design of innovating interfaces, with the intent of presenting potential common paradigms. The workshop will present different tools for annotation and manipulation of musical and cinematographic objects according to several dimensions :

  • CHI for the analysis and segmentation of temporal streams (how to distinguish units of meaning through a manual or automatic extraction)
  • CHI for symbolization/representation/description of meaning units (issues in the semantics domain, languages, notations)
  • CHI for manipulation and processing of the annotated elements (great sums of data issues, publication and sharing context, live or delayed-time interaction).

A thread running through all this themes is the presentation and interaction with the units describing those temporal objects. The presentation will rely on the CHI seen in the softwares developed by the workshop’s partners : Lignes de temps by IRI (for the annotation of cinematographic content), Advene by LIRIS (for the annotation and analysis of temporal documents and hypervideo) and SLIDERS (real-time manipulation of audio and video databases for the living arts).

Concerning music, the workshop will put forth the analytic tools developed by the « Analyse des pratiques musicales » team (Analysis of musical practices) in collaboration with the « Analyse Synthèse » team (tools for the visualization of automatic segmentation, segmentation in semiotic temporal units, the RNTL Scenari project, tools for the publication of a personal course through a work of art, semantic description of a musical score through geometrical shapes) as well as annotation tools with a pedagogical angle developed by GRAME within the VEMUS European project.

LIRIS and IRI are collaborating in the experimentations of new forms and the renewal of practices from cinema-lovers within the RIAM Ciné Lab project (annotation of movies, sharing those annotations on computers, websites and mobile devices). SLIDERS is an artistic research lab within eESI, supported by the ministry of Culture and Communication, DAP, and the Direction of Research and Innovation.

Contributors are welcomed to send us short presentations (10 min) of temporal objects annotation tools with, if possible, an access to the software, at:

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