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The notion of « signed views » is derived from the « signed listening » project developed by Bernard Stiegler at IRCAM : the signed visions embody the points of view of an amateur, who could equally be a critic, a director, a teacher or a student. If they are built with the software Lignes de temps, they can however be published under different forms (or « reviews »). Among those different kinds of « reviews », Lignes de Temps enables to begin with editing a montage of clips from a video (sequences are dragged and dropped one after the other), the parallel comparison of two excerpts, the reading of an hypertext whose links activate corresponding clips or the visualization of sequences with synchronized audio commentaries…

Numerous works from residents at IRI have already revealed the new possibilities embedded in those tools : new ways to explore the construction of the narrative, or thematic courses through several movies, shedding a new light on the relationships between cinema, photography and painting. It can even be helpful for genetic critic, or to underline the evolution of the status of pictures according to the historical, social and political context of their production and/or their reception. The software Lignes de Temps is the first element of a broader instrument for critic that will not limit itself to cinema but will reach all works of art and productions of the mind – and in particular the visual arts, the performing arts and literature.

In 2006 and 2007, IRI has been organizing, a monthly basis, co-conception workshops of a new tool for cinematic analysis nammed Lignes de temps. This workshop has gathered Cinema critics and film-makers (Alain Bergala, Jean-Louis Comolli, Raymond Bellour, Yousef Yshaghpour, Marcos Uzal, Jean-Philippe Tessé) but also Cinema historians (Sylvie Lindeperg), exhibition commissioners (Sam Stourdzé). Amateurs’ clubs are made around these workshops particularly in the Cinema higher education (Paris 3, FEMIS, Aix en Provence). and in primary classes, at Junior High and in High schools (Cinema option). This working method specific to IRI has enabled the fast development of the sofware and the first «signed views»’ forms realisation.

IRI reconducts in September 2009 this workshop dedicated to the exchanges on cultural and critical practices related to cinema and the conception of digital tools.

This workshop is directed in priority toward teachers, critics and cinema mediators. Each session presents critical or pedagogical practices, and propositions of digital tools are discussed. Those propositions and talks will be integrated in the evolution of Ligne de Temps, helping the conception and development of a collaborative platform where the works of the Signed views workshop will be be published. The workshop will progress along the movies and issues proposed by the participants.

The workshop is taking place once a month, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. alternatively at IRI’s Espace Piazza and at the Forum des Images. A public session will take place at the end of the year.

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