Cinema and digital networks : debate on the very fast bandwidth technologies.

4, May 2010  |  Published : Workshops  | 

A workshop promoted by the Institute for Research and Innovation in association with the regional platform THD Cap Digital, and the members of the FUI CineCast project.

March, Friday 26th, from 15h to 18h in the Piazza space (Centre Pompidou).

The main actors of the cultural world, both public and private, have a growing interest for the deep mutation involved by the shifting from a natural economy relying on consumption and mass audiences toward a cultural economy turned upside down by the fast development of digital networks with very high bandwidth (VHB, THD in french) which rely largely on contribution and exchanges.

Cinema’s economy and social practices were built at first on an asymmetrical model, akin to TV or radiophonic broadcasting. It is now evolving toward more flexible, distributed and symmetrical models where the practices of the amateurs thrive and become more complex and diversified both upstream and downstream of the broadcasting. From this point of critical convergence which is sometimes labeled as Web 3.0, major industrial actors make investments and develop new activities, to upgrade their industrial strategies in the world of the cinema. They focus on the quality of metadata and the flexibility of the broadcasting circuit of the movies, taking in account the recent equipment of the theaters with reception and digital projection devices (fiber-to-the-theater).

Many companies are investing in the market of what is called social engineering (which concerns the technologies and services for collaborative websites and social networks). With the upcoming generalization of symmetrical Very High Bandwidth networks (THD), they are imagining new economic models which could be founded on a combination of bottom-up and top-down models, enabled by those infrastructures.

The goal of this workshop, managed by IRI and established within the framework of the THD regional platform coordinated by Cap Digital, is to question the impact of the Very High Bandwidth technologies on the evolution of both the cinematographic industry and its affiliated social and cultural practices. A special interest will be given to the development of contributive practices through enrichment and broadcasting of contents. We will focus as well on the emergence of new, high value-added services, originating from both providers of contents and related social networks. In the perspective of the opportunities offered by VHB (THD) networks, the Workshop will be organized around these main themes :

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